Another Brandon at BYUSA — other names need not apply


BYU has elected a man named Brandon as its BYUSA president for the third year in a row.

Rachel Densley was elected BYUSA's new vice-president March 5. Photo by Natalie Stoker.
Rachel Densley was elected BYUSA’s new vice-president March 5. (Photo by Natalie Stoker)
Brandon Sookhoo was elected BYUSA's new president March 5. Photo by Natalie Stoker.
Brandon Sookhoo was elected BYUSA’s new president March 5. (Photo by Natalie Stoker)

Brandon Sookhoo and Rachel Densley were declared the winners of 2014’s BYUSA presidential election March 6.

The initiatives Sookhoo and Densley plan on advocating for are vending machines in the library, WiFi access in dead-spots on campus and search engine filters for MyMap.

Densley said the MyMap filters would allow students to look for specific classes at specific times when registering for classes without having to look through individual departments.

Since BYUSA is not a student government organization, the election of Sookhoo and Densley does not guarantee that any of their initiatives will be passed. Nonetheless, Sookhoo said BYUSA can still help students achieve their goals.

“BYUSA has a lot of potential to affect a lot of students on campus, and it has impacted a lot of students on campus,” Sookhoo said. “The involvement area has helped connect a thousand students this year to involvement activities across campus to help them elevate their experience on campus.”

Sookhoo and Densley said they picked their initiatives after extensive research to discover what problems affected the largest number of students on campus.

“We tried to pick initiatives that affect a large number of students and also fix a lot of problems on campus that a lot of students deal with,” Sookhoo said. “In other words, add a lot of value to the campus that students can visibly see and appreciate.”

Densley described their outlook as “very confident” with regard to passing their 2014 initiatives. This confidence is due to having met multiple times with various bodies of administration and trying to create “win-win” situations for both students and administration.

When asked about other topics, such as the allowance of caffeine sales on campus or the ability to grow facial hair, Densley said these issues were addressed by them in the past.

“Oh, they get brought up all the time,” Densley said. “We fought for months on that one.”

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