BYU showing potential to take conference title from normally dominant Gonzaga


Dominant. Prevalent. Outweighing. Authoritative.

These words describe what fans, players and coaches say Gonzaga represents in the West Coast Conference. That is, until BYU prodded their way in three seasons ago creating a presence that, year after year gives many big name teams in the WCC a real run for their money.

The main team on the Cougar’s mind to beat: Gonzaga. But the Bulldogs don’t underestimate the Cougars either, knowing the challenges the team represents.

“(BYU) is a very good basketball team,” Gonzaga head coach Mark Few said. “They are an NCAA tournament team, and they have one of the best offensive games that we have played in a while.”

Every year, BYU prepares diligently for Gonzaga, a team the Cougars have only beat twice in their three years in the WCC. The two have formed a conference rivalry, BYU one of the only teams to consistently challenge Gonzaga.

Anson Winder shoots over Gonzaga's David Stockton during the win at the Marriott Center. Photo by Ari Davis.
Anson Winder shoots over Gonzaga’s David Stockton during the win at the Marriott Center. Photo by Ari Davis.

“BYU is not one of the quickest teams in the country, but they are one of the fastest.” LMU head coach Max Good said. “There is a difference between quick and fast, and they run like a thundering herd of horses.”

This conference tournament weekend the Cougars are favored to hit the final game against the Bulldogs and plan on dethroning them once and for all.

“This is going to be one of the most difficult challenges because of how good they are inside, and their personnel are really skilled and really deep.” Head coach Dave Rose said.

BYU will begin their journey through the conference tournament tomorrow at 2 p.m. against LMU.

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