#TBT: Sorting BYU majors into Hogwarts houses


We were feeling nostalgic here at The Universe and have decided every Thursday to throw it back to an archived story from years past.

This gem was published Nov. 12, 2010 right around the premier of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I.”

By Tessa Farnsworth

For most readers, Hogwarts is a school they can only dream about attending. Harry Potter fans daydream of being sorted into houses, taking a weekend trip to Hogsmead and having long talks with friends at the Three Broomsticks.

However, upon close inspection, the way we divide ourselves into our majors at BYU is similar to the Hogwarts houses.

The house of Gryffindor includes those who are brave, loyal, courageous and have nerve, according to harrypotter.wikia.com.

“Mathematics is Gryffindor because we are courageous,” said Preston Redd, a mathematics major from Great Falls, Va. “You think anybody can just look at those equations and do them? You have to be brave. Math is right or wrong. That’s loyal, math is loyal to the truth.”

Along those same lines, statistics, economics, engineering, industrial design, history and geography can all be sorted into Gryffindor.

majors and houses
This article originally appeared in the Nov. 12, 2010 edition of the 411, a special Friday edition of The Daily Universe.

The house of Ravenclaw is intelligent, creative, witty and learned, according to harrypotter.wikia.com.

When looking at the characteristics of Ravenclaw, the majors that would fit here are arts, chemistry, biology, physics, media arts, theater arts, exercise science, music and English.

“I don’t know who is more intelligent and creative than an English major,” said Jon-Michael Dreher, an English major from McLean, Va.

The house of Hufflepuff is tolerant, fair, friendly and hard working, according to harrypotter.wikia.com.

Other majors that fit these qualities include humanities, special education, elementary education, wildlife and wild lands conservation, family history and communication disorders.

“I see elementary education going in Hufflepuff, but just the fact that there are people like Ernie McMillan and all of those other weird characters is a little disheartening,” said Cassie Rindlisbacher, an elementary education major from Fresno, Calif.

The house of Slytherin is ambitious, cunning, resourceful and craves leadership, according to harrypotter.wikia.com.

Kendrick Holyoak, a junior majoring in business strategy, believes his own major belongs in this house.

“I am proud to be in Slytherin. Harry Potter almost got put in Slytherin, so I am perfectly fine with that,” Holyoak said.

Other majors that fit the qualities of this house include communications, political science, international relations and any major in the business school.

“That’s why everybody in the Tanner building wears suits, to cover up their Dark Marks,” said Erik Hatch, an information systems major from Naperville, Ill.

Hogwarts and BYU have other similarities. TAs can be considered the equivalent of prefects and Park City compares somewhat to Hogsmead. The Ministry of Magic is strikingly similar to the Honor Code Office and if you dare to venture over to Nocturn Alley, just head up to the University of Utah.

This article does not reflect the opinion of anyone who doesn’t agree. It’s just for fun; please do not write letters.

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