Caffeine and the Cougareat: The great debate of your college career


In September 2012, Peggy Fletcher Stack of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote an article clarifying the LDS Church’s stance on caffeinated drinks. She explained that the church officially said that “the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine.”

In her article, she also interviewed BYU spokesperson Carri Jenkins about the lack of caffeine on campus. Jenkins said that it is “not a university or church decision, but made by dining services, based on what our customers want” and there has not “been a demand for it.”

A year-and-a-half has now passed since that statement. So we’re asking your opinion now.

Would you drink caffeinated beverages if BYU dining served them?

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BYU got rid of Tomassito’s restaurant in the Cougareat last year to make way for a Chick-fil-A, making BYU students very happy. It has rivaled the success of the two most popular restaurants in the Cougareat, Subway and Taco Bell.

So we’re asking your opinion now if BYU ever decides to add another restaurant.


If BYU were to add another restaurant in the Cougareat, what would you want?
Cafe Rio
Cafe Zupas
Panda Express
Other (if chosen, please specify in the comments section)

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