March 4, 2014 Daily Legislative Schedule


House Judiciary Committee 

8:00 AM — 20 House Building

1. HB0375 Parent-time after Relocation of a Parent
2. HB0366 Expungement Amendments
3. HB0348S01 Child Support Amendments
4. SB0173S01 Child Protection Amendments

House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
8:00 AM — 25 House Building

1. HB0155 Utah Communication Agency Network and Utah 911 Committee Amendments
2. HB0137 Amendments to Driver License Sanctions for Alcohol or Drug Related Offenses
3. HB0157 Rape Kit Processing Amendments
4. HB0404 Court Security Fee Amendments
5. SB0149S01 Drowsy Driving Amendments

House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee
8:00 AM – 445 State Capitol

1. HB0154 Wood Burning Amendments
2. HB0133 Contingent Management for Federal Facilities
3. HB0229 Air Contaminant Definition Change
4. HB0160 Utah Wilderness Act
5. HB0371 Water Reuse Amendments
6. HB0158 Grazing and Timber Agricultural Commodity Zones in Utah

House Transportation Committee
8:00 AM – 450 State Capitol

1. HB0152 Highway Sponsorship Program Act
2. SB0060 Fuel Excise Tax Amendments
3. HB0377 Driver License Records Amendments
4. HB0406 School Bus Traffic Safety Amendments
5. SB0187 Highway Rights-of-way Amendments

Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
8:00 AM – 215 Senate Building

1. SB0076 Rural Economic Mapping and Partnership
2. SB0119 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Amendments
3. SB0258 Educator Licensure Amendments
4. HB0072 Higher Education Grievance Procedure Amendments
5. HB0081S01 Parental Review of Statewide Summative Test Questions
6. HB0221 School Community Council Revisions
7. HB0337 Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments

Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee
8:00 AM – 250 State Capitol

1. SB0244 Modifications to Property Tax
2. SB0257 Parent Review of Instructional Materials and Curriculum
3. HB0084S01 School District Amendments
4. HB0074 Energy Efficient Vehicle Tax Credits
5. HB0209 Extension of Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
8:38 AM – 415 State Capitol

1. SB0245 Internet Voting Pilot Project Amendments
2. SB0141 Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Revisions
3. HB0311 Budgeting Amendments
4. HJR011S01 Joint Rules Resolution on Budget Process Amendments
5. HB0102 Assessment Area Amendments

House: 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM
Senate: 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM

Senate Education Committee
4:00 PM – 210 Senate Building

1. HB0096 Utah School Readiness Initiative
2. HB0292 School Grading – Calculation of High School Graduation Rate
3. HB0215S01 Public School Employee Background Checks
4. HB0249S01 Grants for Digital Textbooks
5. HB0239 Front-line Teachers Data Program

House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
4:00 PM – 25 House Building

1. SCR003 Concurrent Resolution on the School of Dentistry Serving Underprivileged Children

House Government Operations Committee
4:00 PM – 20 House Building

1. HB0156 Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project
2. SJR008S01 Joint Resolution on Term of Appointed Lieutenant Governor
3. HB0192 Initiative and Referendum Petition Amendments
4. SB0097S03 Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments
5. SB0053S02 Amendments to Private Investigator Regulations
6. SB0086 Legislative per Diem Revision
7. SJR016 Joint Rules Resolution – Legislative Compensation and Expense Revisions
8. SB0135S02 Voter Registration Amendments

House Revenue and Taxation Committee
4:00 PM – 445 State Capitol

1. HB0051 State Tax Commission Report on Tax Provisions
2. HB0285 Alcoholic Beverage Service Amendments
3. HB0430 Revisions to Tax
4. SB0176 Local Funding for Rural Health Care Amendments
5. SB0206 Tax, Fee, or Charge Offense and Penalty Amendments
6. SB0207 Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Amendments
7. SB0214 Multistate Tax Compact Amendments

Senate Business and Labor Committee
4:00 PM 215 Senate Building

1. SB0170 Education Loan Amendments
2. HB0376 Alcohol Revisions
3. HB0312S01 Dramshop Amendments
4. HB0117S01 Patent Infringement Amendments
5. HB0207S01 Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments

Senate Health and Human Services Committee
4:00 PM – 250 State Capitol

1. SB0077 Pharmacy Practice Act Amendments
2. SB0255 Social Work Amendments
3. HB0346 Foster Children Amendments
4. HB0363 Mental Health Professional Practice Act Amendments
5. HJR014 Joint Resolution on Caregiving
6. HCR001S01 Concurrent Resolution Designating Call Your Military Hero Day

House Political Subdivisions Committee
4:10 PM – 450 State Capitol

1. HB0165 Vote by Mail Amendments
2. HB0408 Election Requirements Amendments
3. HB0410 Utah Presidential Primary Electronic Voting Pilot Project
4. HB0415 Local and Special Service District Elections Amendments

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