BYUSA elections as explained by Harry Potter


There’s this service organization at BYU called BYUSA. It’s not a student government.

BYUSA is mostly in charge of arranging service opportunities, promoting clubs and organizing dances and parties

BYUSA would really like students to be more involved on campus

But most students are apathetic

The only time they care is during election week, when the candidates campaign all over campus and social media

And students get a little hostile towards the BYUSA reps who stop them on their way to class

Every candidate is working for the same organization, so they all have similar ideas of what campus needs, and the same limited powers

As a service association, BYUSA can’t actually change campus policy or legislate

No, they can’t change the honor code, and no, they can’t build any parking structures

Instead, this year candidates plan to get Wi-Fi campus-wide, put vending machines in the library and create an All-Arts Pass

However, according to this op-ed, installing Wi-Fi is time-consuming and expensive, so there’s only so much BYUSA can do

BYUSA does serve as a liaison between students and the administration

And who doesn’t like joining clubs and going to dances?

Harry Potter dance

Service is great, after all, and involvement on campus and in the community could lead to opportunities in the future

In the end, it probably doesn’t matter who the new president is, as students’ lives stay the same, for the most part

Maybe students just think BYUSA shouldn’t make such a big deal out of the elections, since it isn’t actually a governing body

Oh well. May the best candidate win!


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