BYU student in critical condition after being struck by car


An 18-year-old BYU student is in critical condition after a car hit her near BYU campus Wednesday night, Feb. 26.

According to Lt. Mathew Siufanua of the Provo Police, Lexi Hansen was crossing Canyon Road where it intersects with University Avenue at about 6:20 p.m. A car headed northbound on University Avenue turned right onto Canyon Road just as Hansen was crossing and hit her.

Lexi Hansen's parents created a Facebook group called "Pray for Lexi," to ask for spiritual support for their daughter while she is in the hospital. Photo from "Pray for Lexi."
Lexi Hansen’s parents created a Facebook group called “Pray for Lexi” to ask for spiritual support for their daughter while she is in the hospital. (Photo from “Pray for Lexi”)

“She was pretty serious when we got there,” Siufauna said.

Hansen’s family created a Facebook page, “Pray for Lexi,” the night of the accident. Hansen’s sister posted the following about Hansen’s condition:

“Lexi is still in a coma and hasn’t been responsive. We’re still in the waiting game right now, and it could be a while before we know anything. Keep saying those prayers. We are amazed by all the support, faith and prayers coming in for Lexi. She is one amazing girl. We believe in miracles!”

A witness reported to Provo Police that Hansen had her earphones in and appeared to be trying to beat the turning car across the road.

Hansen was taken directly to the hospital, where she is currently in a coma. Her father posted details of her condition yesterday on Facebook.

“There is some deep brain damage that they don’t know what the outcome of that will be if she lives.”

Siufauna urged all BYU students to take caution when traveling on the streets of Provo.

“We need to be more aware of our surroundings. … Not all vehicles follow lights, and not all drivers look out for pedestrians,” he said.

More will follow as updates are released.

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