Find yourself


As a BYU student, I’m constantly surrounded by young people who try to mold themselves into what they think others want them to be. As children of God, I think it’s time we let others see us for who we really are.

I know some people in college are still trying to find who they are. I’d like to suggest that you already are who you are. Rather than wait to define every appropriate action, just act on what you know. As you believe in those little truths, you’ll continue to find yourself. All you have to do to find yourself is to get experience. Once you start looking for it, I think you’ll like what you find.

Once you’ve found this “self,” and you begin to let him/her shine forth, you’ll find that you’ll have the capability to develop better relationships with those around you. You’ll meet far more people when you step up and introduce yourself than if you decide to keep quiet.

Once you begin being yourself, there will be those who mock you for it; but eventually, you’ll find people who like you for you, and those bullies won’t matter anymore. Also, remember to accept people for who they are, or, as President Thomas S. Monson said, “as they may become.”

Find your own divine potential. Reach out to others, and, by doing so, encourage them to do as you have done. You’ll find comfort, trust and happiness in the process.

Caitlin Kennard
American Fork

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