Benefit concert with ‘Kid History’ emcee

HELP international
Women getting clean water for the first time from a HELP International borewell. (Photo courtesy HELP International’s India team)

Enjoying live music and providing relief to countries in need will go hand in hand Friday, Feb. 28. The Marriott School’s club MUSA and HELP International will host a benefit concert at the Joseph Smith Building on BYU campus at 7 p.m.

Concert-goers choose their ticket price and which country they would like it to be donated to (India, Uganda, Peru, Thailand, Philippines, Belize or Fiji). One hundred percent of proceeds are donated to the country chosen through HELP International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization.

“Kid History” YouTube star Richard Sharrah will emcee the concert.

“I’m giving my time and effort as the emcee for the event, so come out and have a good time while helping impact the world,” Sharrah said. “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Artists comprising the set list are Adam Heimbigner (from BYU’s Vocal Point), Nate Noble, Ashley Hess, Jillian Innes, Phil Forte, Lucy Scholl, Woodward Avenue and Beyond Measure.

Folk artist Nate Noble donates all profits of his song “Peace, Be Still” to humanitarian efforts. Concert-goers will hear the song at Friday’s concert.

Wary donators can be assured HELP International uses their humanitarian funds wisely, according to Suzanne Whitehead, director of marketing and leadership for HELP International.

“We have seven teams and directors that are preparing to set up projects with the funds raised on Friday,” Whitehead said. “It’s nice to see an event and cause to give to that you know the impact that it will have.”

Past HELP International humanitarian efforts include running health clinics, installing water filtration systems, teaching in schools and organizing women’s groups.

“The options of impact are endless, and this event really capitalizes on the idea that everyone has something to give,” Whitehead said.

To join the Facebook event, click here.

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