Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, lauds Utah House’s stand on federal oversight


By Collin Smith

SALT LAKE CITY — The federal government could take a few lessons from the Utah State Legislature, according to U.S. Rep Rob Bishop, R-Utah.

Rep Rob Bishop
Rep Rob Bishop

Bishop addressed the Utah State House of Representatives this past week and said that Utah’s government was inspiring in many ways particularly the way they handle their business, move things forward and get things done.

Bishop congratulated Utah on the efforts the state that has made to enable its government to become efficient and favorable.

Bishop noted that there is an idea among some states that if there is a dispute between state and federal government over a state function, the state will yield to Washington. He said Utah is not one of those states. He specifically pointed out Utah’s stand over recreation and land management, and praised lawmakers for taking on the federal government in that regard.

“Outdoor recreation is being attacked,” Bishop said. “These programs should be protected, and that is best done at the state level.”

Bishop also praised Utah on its military affairs and said that Utah is one of the states that closely matches the federal government in their zeal dealing with military affairs.

“There is a difference between shrinking government and limiting government,” Bishop said. He touched on the fact that many people in America keep talking about shrinking government, when in fact what they really mean, according to Bishop, is that they want to limit government power.

“When you emphasize regulation, people get hurt,” Bishop said.

The emphasis should not be on regulation but rather it should be on the kinds of programs that come out of Washington. Many people complain about all of these programs and the problems they cause but the problem, according to Bishop, is not in the number of programs, it is in the size.

“There is more character and transparency here than is back in Washington,” Bishop said.

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