Living Legends returns to BYU

There are 38 performers and crew members to tell the story of the pride cycle for "Seasons".
Thirty-eight performers and crew members tell the story of the pride cycle for Living Legends’ “Seasons” performance. (Photo by Samantha Williams)

BYU’s Living Legends returned to BYU for a packed audience to perform its tribute to the ancient Americas and the Pacific through song and dance.

This performance, entitled “Seasons,”  illustrates the pride cycle found in the Book of Mormon. After strife and pride, the show turns to a promise of prosperity with obedience. Each team performed dances for every part of the cycle: promise, plenty, prosperity, pride, war and rebirth.

“It gives you a stronger sense of the promises in the Book of Mormon,” said Stephen Freeman, a Native American dancer.

The group combined Native American, Polynesian and Latin American music and dance for a single show. Each performer is a descendent of one of these cultures, while the choreography knits together contemporary and traditional culture as a tribute to the Americas and the Pacific.

“It is a moving experience to work with these performers because I see the sincere respect they each hold for one another’s ancestry as well as their own,” said artistic director Janelle Christensen.

Living Legends is known for its colorful and elaborate costumes that fill the stage with movement.

“I loved the costumes because it looked like color was just dancing around on the stage,” said Chelsea Hildt, a junior who attended the performance. “Each person was totally committed to their part.”

Living Legends was founded April 17, 1971, at BYU as a scholarship program and has since gone on to perform across the world. They performed at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and have been featured on national TV in China, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Each year, Living Legends travels to performances in Europe, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Canada, South America, South Africa, China and Russia.

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