Convicted felons could own and use crossbows under Utah bill


A proposed bill would allow convicted felons to own and use crossbows while firearms would remain on the forbidden list for this group.

The dangerous weapons amendments bill, HB268, ran into a few obstacles in committee Friday, Feb. 21. It passed committee on a 5-3 vote after Rep. Patrice Arent, D-Salt Lake City, attempted to block it from proceeding to the floor.

“I’m not comfortable where we are now,” Arent said.

The bill, if it passes the full House and Senate, will further define what a dangerous weapon is and will allow restricted persons who can no longer possess firearms to buy and use bows, which includes crossbows.

“We like to think we are a pretty conservative state; we don’t restrict people’s liberties. But in this particular instance we are much more restrictive,” said Rep. Brian Greene, R-Pleasant Grove.

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