Feb. 25, 2014 Daily Legislative Schedule


Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
7:56 AM – 415 State Capitol

1. SB0113 Public Meetings Amendments
2. SB0070 State Data Portal Amendments
3. SB0093 Internal Audit Amendments
4. SB0167 Regulation of Drones
5. HB0099 County Officer Election Revisions
6. HJR010S01 Joint Rules Resolution Regarding a Long-term Planning Conference
7. HB0217 Service Animals
8. HB0283S01 Nonprofit Entity Receipt of Government Money

House Judiciary Committee
8:00 AM – 20 House Building

1. HB0251 Unsworn Declaration Amendments
2. HB0118 Personal Injury Damages Amendments
3. HB0265 Probate Code Amendments
4. HB0351 Birth Certificate Amendments
5. HB0147 Peace Officer Agreements with Federal Agencies
6. HJR012 Joint Resolution on Appointment of Legal Counsel for Executive Officers

House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
8:00 AM – 25 House Building

1. HB0305 Safety Belt Law Revisions
2. HB0137 Amendments to Driver License Sanctions for Alcohol or Drug Related Offenses
3. HB0276 Disorderly Conduct Amendments

House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee
8:00 AM – 445 State Capitol

1. HB0068 Protection of State Park Resources
2. HR0005 House Resolution on Clean-Burning Renewable Fuels
3. SB0114 Canal Safety Act
4. HB0133 Contingent Management for Federal Facilities

Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
8:00 AM – 215 Senate Building

1. SB0225 Repeal of Business Development for Disadvantaged Rural Communities Account
2. SB0228 Geographic Diversity Amendments
3. HB0222 Veteran’s Preference Amendments
4. HJR003 Joint Resolution Recognizing Sister City Relationship Between Magna, Utah, and Yuzawa, Niigata, Japan

Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee
8:00 AM – 250 State Capitol

1. SB0224 Renewable Energy Tax Credit Amendments
2. SB0206 Tax, Fee, or Charge Offense and Penalty Amendments
3. SB0207 Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Amendments
4. SB0214 Multistate Tax Compact Amendments


House: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM
Senate: 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM

House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
4:00 PM – 25 House Building

1. HJR020 Joint Resolution Recognizing the Significance of the Great Salt Lake
2. SB0053S02 Amendments to Private Investigator Regulations

House Government Operations Committee
4:00 PM – 20 House Building

1.HJR004 Joint Resolution on Recall Elections
2. HB0063 Recall Elections Amendments
3. SJR008S01 Joint Resolution on Term of Appointed Lieutenant Governor
4. HB0144 Elections Complaints Amendments

House Revenue and Taxation Committee
4:00 PM – 445 State Capitol

1. HB0380 Repeal of Housing Relief Expendable Special Revenue Fund
2. HB0379 Proposed Tax Increase and Bond Proposition Amendments
3. SB0134 Taxation Related Referendum Amendments
4. HB0051 State Tax Commission Report on Tax Provisions
5. HB0140 Tax Credit Amendments

Senate Business and Labor Committee
4:00 PM – 215 Senate Building

1. SB0153 Association Foreclosure Amendments
2. SB0197 Motor Vehicle Insurance – Settlement of Claims
3. SB0216 Municipal Formation Amendments
4. SB0226 Professional Licensing Amendments
5. SB0233 Utah Small Business Jobs Act
6. SB0230 Insurance Modifications
7. SB0072 Uninsured Motorist Provisions

Senate Health and Human Services Committee
4:00 PM – 250 State Capitol

1. SB0071 Informed Consent Amendments
2. SJR009 Joint Resolution Urging Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information

Senate Education Committee
4:00 PM – 210 Senate Building

1. SB0219 Public Education Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission
2. SB0016 Veterans Tuition Gap Coverage
3. SB0091 School District Modifications
4. SB0157 School-based Budgeting Amendments
5. SB0181 Online Course Reporting Requirements

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