Ukraine signs peace deal to end violence


Ukraine signs peace deal to end violence

  1. President Viktor Yanukovich and Ukraine opposition leaders have signed a peace deal to end the violent standoff in Kiev, Ukraine.
  2. The violence started when protestors attacked police lines and set fires at the parliament building Tuesday. Dozens were killed.
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  4. Former Prime Minister of Belgium welcome’s the peace agreement.
  5. #Ukraine: welcome the agreement; necessary compromise, launch of indispensable political dialogue for democratic, peaceful way out of crisis
  6. The peace deal is said to open the way for an early presidential election this year.
  7. According to CNN, “A cheer went up from the crowd in Kiev’s Independence Square when the agreement was announced. Protesters waved Ukrainian flags under clear skies free of the choking smoke from burning barricades that has characterized recent days.”
  8. The Associated Press reported 77 people killed and 577 wounded:

    “A statement on the website of the Health Ministry said 77 people had been killed between Tuesday morning, when the violence began, and Friday morning. The statement said 577 people had been wounded and 369 hospitalized. There was no way to immediately verify any of the death tolls.”

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