Provo’s new towing laws explained


Provo towing is notoriously tough.

If you haven’t been towed yourself, you certainly know someone who has.

But last December Provo City Council passed a new ordinance to put a stop to predatory towing and Provo rejoiced!

Under the ordinance lots fall into two categories:

First, properties where towing companies CAN’T initiate towing.

These lots require the property owner or his or her agent to call a towing company to remove a vehicle from the premise.

Meaning towing companies can’t creep around waiting for a violation.

Second, properties where towing companies CAN initiate towing.

But these properties have to meet a few conditions.

1. There must be accommodation for potential visitors

Meaning your friends will have somewhere to park.

2. Lower fees

Which means you can spend your money on more important things.

3. Improved signage

4. 24/7 access to a temporary permit


5. The right to appeal to the property owner

Happy parking Provo!



Read Mayor Curtis’ editorial on towing.

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