Feb. 24, 2014 Daily Legislative Schedule


House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
8:00 AM – 25 House Building

1. HCR009 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism
2. HB0132 Temporary Homeless Youth Shelter Amendments
3. HB0345Vending Services Operated by Blind Persons
4. HCR008 Concurrent Resolution Regarding Moving the State Prison

Senate Business and Labor Committee
8:00 AM 215 Senate Building

1. SB0120 Shelter Animal Vaccine Amendments
2. SB0190 Utility Fee Limitations
3. SB0199 Amendments to Emergency Telephone Service Law
4. SB0203 Immigration Amendments
5. SB0208 Public Utility Modifications
6. SB0210 Prescription Synchronization

Senate Education Committee
8:00 AM – 210 Senate Building

1. SB0209 School Grading Revisions
2. SB0215 Public School Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan Amendments
3. SB0218 Charter School Amendments
4. SB0219 Public Education Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission
5. SB0202 Charter School Funding Amendments

House Education Committee
4:00 PM – 30 House Building

1. HB0223 School Board Elections Provisions
2. HB0236 State School Board Nomination Revisions
3. HB0228S01 Utah State Board of Education Elections and Reporting Amendments
4. SB0040S01 Financial and Economic Literacy Amendments
5. HB0307 Public Education Funding Task Force

House Health and Human Services Committee
4:00 PM – 25 House Building

1. HB0139 Nurse Practitioner Amendments
2. HB0367 Physical Therapy Scope of Practice Amendments
3. HB0324 Ortho-bionomy Exemption Amendments
4. HB0357 Budgetary Amendments
5. HB0143 Psychiatric Nurse Amendments
6. HB0367 Physical Therapy Scope of Practice Amendments
7. HB0361 Certificate of Stillbirth Amendments
8. SB0125 Retired Volunteer Health Care Practitioner Amendments

Senate Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee
4:15 PM – 215 Senate Building

1. SB0048 Emergency Telephone Service Law Amendments

Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee
6:00 PM – 450 State Capitol

Interview of Mr. Tupakk A. G. Renteria

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