Physical fitness


How wonderful! It’s a new year and a chance to create a vision for how one is going to change through making New Year’s resolutions. The emphasis for many concerning these resolutions relates to physical well-being, focusing especially on physical fitness. Being physically fit is essential to our happiness and overall well-being. When people maintain a high standard of health, they develop more self-confidence and learn foundational skills including overcoming hardships and achieving goals.

The benefits of physical fitness reach far beyond overcoming fatigue; choosing to be physically fit fills us with self-confidence. It has been said that self-worth comes not so much from what we accomplish but from what we overcome. You gain a confidence that comes from knowing you took the hard route; that you are willing to do what it takes to be successful and fit.

Through physical fitness, you can create a foundation for yourself and develop the discipline to set out what you intend to do. We live in a society where anything goes; we say, “I’ll try it once.” We tend to give into the easier road almost all of the time, forgoing long-term satisfaction for short-term pleasure. The principles learned through physical fitness are essential to our personal growth. Without discipline it is easier to look back on your life and feel that you have left most of your songs unsung. The principles of physical fitness are those of discipline and goal setting, and these principles are at the center of any successful person’s life.

Nick Clearwater

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