Break free from Facebook


“No, we don’t have WiFi. Talk to each other!”

This sign outside of a small coffee shop, although funny, may indicate a decline in real-life social interactions in favor of its virtual counterpart. Facebook doesn’t need to be a controlling element of our lives. With limited, responsible use, Facebook can be a great tool.

Which one of us doesn’t use Facebook multiple times a day? We even make it a part of our morning schedule. You know the routine: wake up, turn off the alarm, check your news feed, brush your teeth, etc. “In July 2012 Americans spent a total of 121.1 billion minutes (that’s 230,251 years! In one month!) on social networking sites,” according to Wired Magazine. All that in just one month! That kind of usage indicates social media use is literally out of control.

Aaah, grades. A’s can be the most satisfying thing for a student; validation, a bright future, success, it just feels so good. So what does Facebook have to do with my GPA? Studies show that there is a direct correlation between time spent on Facebook and grades. According to a recent study, “College students’ grades dropped 0.12 points for every 93 minutes above the average 106 minutes spent on Facebook per day.” This study shows that those who can curb the desire to constantly be connected and limit themselves to a reasonable amount of time online are more likely to achieve “off-line” goals.

Facebook is great! With self-control and limited use, we can learn to use it responsibly.

Nicholas Bradford
Ashburn, Va. 

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