Volcano erupts in Indonesia


Volcano erupts in Indonesia

  1. Mount Kelud erupted Thursday night on the Indonesian island of Java. The eruption leveled homes in the area, killing three people. Around 100,000 others have been evacuated for safety.
  2. CNN updates, “Two died from smoke inhalation while the third was hit by a collapsing wall.”
  3. 2 dead, more than 100,000 forced to flee, 6 airports closed after volcano erupts in #Indonesia:  http://cbc.sh/OJR5V3 
  4. Mount Kelud Eruption Kediri Jawa
  5. The eruption covered Java and surrounding cities in a cloud of grey ash. The lack of visibility lead to the closure of airports in the area.
  6. Mediapun senyap @RaihanAlfatih Relawan nasional FPI @DPP_FPI sedang membagikan masker kpd warga yg melintas #kelud pic.twitter.com/i0CIgwnWir
  7. El Volcán Kelud en Indonesia despertó ayer con una fuerza extrema, una de las erupciones más fuertes en una década. pic.twitter.com/PnjXVGCs2N
  8. Indonesia once again mourning, precisely last night around 22:30 Kelut erupts with a very fierce, until…
  9. #PrayForKelud. Let’s pray for the people of #Indonesia especially those who live near and around Kelud Mountain. pic.twitter.com/QZLuGVTlCY
  10. The nation’s volcanology agency warned citizens to stay outside a 10-kilometer radius of the volcano in the case of further eruptions, CNN said.

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