Men’s volleyball players tell all: Acing BYU Crushes


The No.4 BYU men’s volleyball team is getting hit on — off the court. After a start to an incredible season, BYU (8-3, 8-1 MPSF) is getting attention for more than its record kills and blocks. The team has spiked the interests of women at BYU. The players have generated a vocal fan base through the BYU Crushes page on Facebook.

“I’m flattered,” said sophomore opposite hitter Carson Heninger.

The BYU Crushes page is a recent fad on campus where students can anonymously confess their crushes. In under five months, the page has garnered more than 5,000 “likes.”

Heninger, Taylor Sander, Bennett Bird and Tim Dobbert have each received personalized posts that range from praising their athletic abilities to cheesy pick-up lines.

“Taylor Sander: life is blander than a white tortilla with butter on it without you! Volleyball date??” one anonymous crusher wrote.

The boys sat down to respond to the posts, laughing and teasing each other after reading them out loud while comparing the number of “likes” they received.

“You know, I really love tortillas and butter. That really hit my taste buds,” Sander said. “I don’t know how a volleyball date would work, but maybe we can crush a few balls at her.”

The responses were fairly promising: Dobbert even offered his phone number.

To all of the anonymous crushers out there: keep on crushing. These boys are equally charming on and off the court.

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