Utah lawmakers review $1.8 million in air quality proposals


SALT LAKE CITY — Lawmakers are sifting through some $1.8 million worth of proposals aimed at cleaning up Utah’s air.

Some of the first funding requests for air-quality studies and bills were heard in committee on Tuesday, Feb. 11, in the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee.

The committee room was packed Tuesday morning in the appropriation meeting where air quality research was discussed, leaving some standing or sitting on the floor.

The meeting had a record number of funding requests, with six of the 20 requests related to air quality totaling $1.8 million.

Rep. Edward Redd, R-Logan, said, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year or two it’s that the air quality in the state of Utah is really complicated. Its air set has it’s different problems and issues. If we are going to get anywhere in improving air quality, understanding what we are doing is pretty important to make good decisions as a Legislature.”

The current plan is for the $1.8 million to be a one-time funding for the year of 2014 with the idea of bringing the issue back to the table next session  if needed.

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