Provo organizations to receive free Google Fiber

Organizations in Provo that will receive free Google Fiber
Organizations in Provo that will receive free Google Fiber

Provo city announced 25 organizations that will get free Internet and become part of the Google Fiber Community Connections Program.

These nonprofit and public organizations will receive free 1 Gbps Internet service from Google Fiber.

The 25 organizations were selected based upon their need for high-speed Internet, need for financial assistance, ability to enhance the community, reduce poverty and dependence, create jobs or support entrepreneurship, create educational opportunities and increase the quality of life.

“We know that one of the greatest assets to our community is the quality of life we enjoy by choosing to live here,” said Provo Mayor John Curtis in a prepared statement. “We’re eager to see what these 25 organizations will do with this level of access and speed to enhance that.”

United Way of Utah County is one of the organizations that will receive the free service. Bill Hulterstrom, the president and CEO, said the Google Fiber service will help them connect at faster speeds.

“We are excited for this new partnership with Google,” Hulterstrom said.

Hulterstrom said the service will help future volunteers mentor over video chats with the high Internet speeds.

“We’re excited to connect our community with each other,” Hulterstrom said.

Another organization to receive the free Google Fiber service is the Now I Can Foundation. Tracey Christensen, founder and director, hopes this new service will help keep the organization’s patients connected.

Christensen said children from all over the country will come to their clinic for about three weeks to receive therapy. While the children are in therapy sessions, their parents try to work online while they wait. Currently the Now I Can Foundation has a tough time supporting everyone’s Internet needs.

Google Fiber will help support everyone who needs to work.

“It will be more efficient for our team and everyone who wants to be online,” said Christensen.

Christensen said they try to give grants to children who are in need of this therapy. In order to do this, they need to control their funding, and Google Fiber will help them cut their costs.

The Provo Recreation Center will also benefit from the free Google Fiber service.

“The big thing we wanted was to open up access to our patrons,” said Bryce Merrill, facility operations supervisor for the recreation center.

According to Merrill, the recreation center receives as many as 7,000–8,000 patrons a day. The new Internet speeds will be able to support all of the technology throughout the building, especially on the fitness level.

“Everyday Provo citizens will be able to access the Google Fiber technology,” Merrill said.

The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals Foundation is another organization that will receive free Google Fiber. Rick Nielsen, president of Rocky Mountain University, said the new technology will benefit its students.

“Not only will it benefit the students at our university during their residencies, it will also benefit the students who are here on a limited basis,” Nielsen said.

Giving better Internet capabilities to these organizations helps fulfill one of Provo’s goals. Mayor Curtis wants Google Fiber to connect the community.

“Our goal is to have Provo be the most connected city in the world. I want every resident to have access to information. Working together with these entities moves us closer to realizing that objective,” Curtis said in a prepared statement.

The 25 organizations selected to be part of the Google Fiber Community Connections Program are as follows:

  • Provo City Library
  • Community Action Services
  • Mountainlands Community Health Center
  • South Franklin Community Center
  • United Way of Utah County
  • Friends of the Coalition
  • Mountainland Head Start
  • Boys and Girls Club of Utah County
  • Neighborworks Provo
  • Scenic View Academy
  • RAH Services
  • Now I Can Foundation
  • American Indian Services
  • Provo Recreation Center
  • Downtown Provo Inc.
  • Provo City Business Development Corp.
  • Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals Foundation
  • Provo City Center
  • Utah County Government Administration Building
  • The Startup Dojo
  • Center for Women and Children in Crisis
  • Provo Housing Authority
  • Wasatch Mental Health
  • Covey Center for the Arts
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