Salt Lake least Bible-minded city in America


Host city of the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake, has been known as one of the most religious cities in America for some time now. Surprisingly, a recent study about the most religious and Bible-minded cities has put it in last place.

How can a city that has 67.5% of its inhabitants affiliated to a religious congregation be in last place in a study like this one? Many Salt Lake residents and religious people that surround the area disagreed with the findings and argued that the “Mormons access the Bible primarily through, the Church’s Gospel Library mobile app, or their physical copy of the scriptures.”

Photo courtesy: Instagram
Photo courtesy: Instagram

In a time where the only thing people carry into church on Sundays are cellphones, Latter Day Saints really do have a point. The study was done by measuring the traffic of a single webpage [what web page? what were the measurements? we need some more explanation about the study]. This is a problem because people have countless options to access the Bible. These studies probably didn’t research the use of, the app or how often people in Salt Lake read a physical copy of the book.

Also, stating that Bible reading is the way to determine which cities are the most religious wouldn’t be the most accurate way to figure it out. People have argued that reading the Bible doesn’t necessarily make you religious. Some only read the Bible to learn more about what Christians believe or think.

After all the argument and skepticism around the study, one thing is for sure, this debacle has most likely increased traffic in the webpage and has worked as free advertising.

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