Okerlund seeks funding for Snow College concurrent enrollment program


By Sterling Randle

SB38, also known as the Rural Superintendent Concurrent Education Program, would provide Snow College $1.5 million from the State Education Fund to expand their concurrent enrollment program. This means students at Bryce Valley High School, along with students from a majority of high schools in the state, could take classes from Snow College while still attending high school.

For those high school students who don’t live within commuting distance of Snow College, the bill would also allow for a video conferencing option; offering more access to college level education to those students in rural communities.

Sen. Ralph Okerlund, R-Monroe who is sponsoring the bill, said, “S 38 was really my top priority bill … It’ll allow almost any kid in the state to have an associate’s degree by the time they get out of high school.”

Okerlund explained that the bill would help create more options to earn degrees, which would make Snow College’s program more attractive compared to similar programs offered by Utah State University or UVU.

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