Taco Bell ad written by BYU student


The famous saying about the grass being greener on the other side also applies to food. A Taco Bell commercial written by a BYU advertising student captures how easy and tempting it is to steal somebody else’s tasty-looking food.

The Taco Bell commercial, written by BYU advertising student Camille Trent, followed her script titled “Girlfriend.” The commercial focuses on a selfish, food-loving girlfriend who steals delicious food from her boyfriend.

BYU advertising student Camille Trent's script was featured in a recent Taco Bell commercial.
BYU advertising student Camille Trent’s script was featured in a recent Taco Bell commercial.

Taco Bell’s goal with the commercial is to convince customers that its menu item called “loaded grillers” is cheap enough for people to buy their own. At the end of the commercial the angry boyfriend hands his girlfriend her own loaded griller, achieving his goal of not having to share and making her happy.

So how does a student get an opportunity to make scripts for big advertising companies? One way is by joining BYU’s Ad Lab.  The ad lab provides students such as Trent valuable hands-on experience working closely with advertising agencies.

“The ad lab is a great program at BYU,” said Trent. “We have a lot of alumni who have gone on to big advertising agencies.”

Trent, like many who have gone before her, wrote scripts and created ad ideas that companies used in upcoming commercials.  The BYU Ad Lab, which works closely with an adverting agency called DRAFTFCB, provided Trent with the opportunity of a lifetime.

DRAFTFCB, which does advertising for Taco Bell, asked BYU Ad Lab students to create an ad that specifically fit what Taco Bell was looking for in its commercial theme, survivor of the selfish. It took many hours of brainstorming and writing 4–5 scripts for Trent to finally receive inspiration.

“I brainstormed ideas with my husband, Brandon, and he gave me the idea that I needed to think of the perfect scenario,” Trent said. “He told me that I always steal food from him rather than getting my own, and that’s where the idea came from.”

DRAFTFCB loved Trent’s idea and decided to use her script in Taco Bell’s commercial. Since the commercial aired this week, Trent has received a lot of positive feedback from peers, friends and family.

“I put in up on Facebook a couple days ago, and there (are) now as many likes on the video as there (were) when I got engaged and married,” Trent said. “I got a ton of comments on the video, and it’s been a cool experience hearing feedback from people who aren’t at BYU.”

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