Utah’s municipal leaders gather for “Family Feud” fun

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Left to Right Ruth Ipson Hannah Jones Karianne Gur Garett Robinson Parowan listen to state legislators playful banter between slices of cheese-cake and sips of lemonade.

SALT LAKE CITY  — Elected and youth city council members gathered from across the state to listen to motivational speaker Anthony Robles and watch legislators duel it out in a game of Family Feud.

The youth started out the day at the state Capitol with a mock legislative committee hearing about technology in schools. An estimated 900 students moved to the Salt Palace Convention Center to her Robles. The motivational speaker and ex-wrestler,  shared his experience in overcoming the social and physical challenges of being a one-legged wrestler. He said, “My mom told me you can do anything. Certain things you just have to do differently” and reemphasized his personal motto “Be Unstoppable.”

Game show host Chuck Woolery ( popularly known from “Wheel of Fortune”) hosted the mock Family Feud event. Woolery made playful jabs at senators and representatives as he guided many of the unfamiliar younger crowd through a reenactment of the 1970’s game show. The catered event. sponsored by the Utah League of Cities and Towns, was decked out with with applaud signs and all.

“This is why it takes so long to get a bill through the house” said Woolery after one representative took his fine time answering a question.

At one point during a minor technical glitch, Woolery offered the audience to ask him questions. One audience member shouted out “your first kiss” to which Woolery replied after a modest moment of thought “my elementary school teacher” which earned mixed responses from the crowd.

Senators and house members jokingly answered questions ranging from, “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?” to “Who are your favorite historical figures?” with retorts like Michael Jackson or medical marijuana.

At one point a stumped Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart offered an answer referencing Obama. Which received quite under-breathed (ughs) from the audience.

The gathering ended with a cheerful “Thank you” to Utah’s municipal leaders.

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