Cougars in the Super Bowl (Quiz)


Think you’re a BYU football fan? Test your knowledge with this quiz about Cougars in the Super Bowl!

Jamaal Williams outruns his Bronco defender in the Boise State vs. BYU game.

[rapid_quiz question=”Which Cougar QB won the most Super Bowls?” answer=”Steve Young” options=”Marc Wilson|Jim McMahon|Steve Young|Riley Nelson” notes=”Steve Young has won 3 Super Bowl titles”]

Taysom Hill, Michael Caputo

[rapid_quiz question=”Which former BYU player set the record for longest punt in the Super Bowl (63 yards)?” answer=”Lee Johnson” options=”Matt Payne|Ben Romney|Gary Webster|Lee Johnson” notes=”Lee Johnson punted 63 yards for the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII”]


[rapid_quiz question=”Who was the most recent BYU player to win the Super Bowl” answer=”Dennis Pitta” options=”Austin Collie|Dennis Pitta|Jimmer Fredette|Jake Heaps” notes=”Dennis Pitta won last year’s Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens”]


[rapid_quiz question=”Which former BYU player won a Super Bowl championship as a coach in Super Bowl XXIX” answer=”Tom Holmoe” options=”Mike Holmgren|Brian Billick|Andy Reid|Tom Holmoe” notes=”Current Athletic Director Tom Holmoe has the most Super Bowl titles of any former Cougar. He won 3 championships as a player for the San Francisco 49ers and 1 as a defensive back coach.”]


[rapid_quiz question=”Which former BYU player(s) won the most consecutive Super Bowls?” answer=”Gravelle & Young” options=”Steve Young|Jim McMahon|Gordon Gravelle|Gravelle & Young” notes=”Both Gravelle and Young won two consecutive Super Bowls. Gravelle won Super Bowls IX and X. Young won Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV.”]


[rapid_quiz question=”Which team has won the most Super Bowls with BYU players on the team?” answer=”San Francisco 49ers” options=”San Francisco 49ers|Cincinnati Bengals|Los Angeles Raiders|Pittsburgh Steelers” notes=”The San Francisco 49ers have won 14 Super Bowls with former BYU players on the roster.”]


[rapid_quiz question=”Who won more Super Bowl games?” answer=”Steve Young” options=”Steve Young|Aaron Francisco|Mike Holmgren|Jim McMahon” notes=”Steve Young won three Super Bowl games”]

BYU Football vs Idaho-3

[rapid_quiz question=”How many Cougars have coached a Super Bowl game?” answer=”4″ options=”4|7|10|8″ notes=”Tom Holmoe, Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid and Brian Billick have coached Super Bowl games.”]

broncocoaching by .

[rapid_quiz question=”Which of Bronco Mendenhall’s brothers won a Super Bowl?” answer=”Mat” options=”Marty|Tagg|Mat|Josh” notes=”Bronco’s older brother Mat Mendenhall won Super Bowl XVII with the Washington Redskins.”]


[rapid_quiz question=”How many Cougars will be playing in this year’s Super Bowl?” answer=”0″ options=”3|0|1|2″ notes=”Actually, there are no former BYU players in this year’s game.”]



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