The cost of Obamacare


Why do we still associate our country with freedom? The freedom to say what we want, to do what we want, to buy what we want, within the limits of the law, should be entirely up to us. We the people should not have to put up with government infringement, especially when it comes to choosing which health care plan to purchase. We the people should not be limited because of their faulty system.

My dad is a radiologist here in Utah. IHC has already tried to run his small practice into the ground, and I don’t want to imagine what Obamacare is going to do if the government can ever settle on some kind of compromise. While discussing different career options he mentioned that pursuing a career in the health industry doesn’t make a lot of economic sense right now. The least expensive medical school still costs about $10,000 a year, and over the ten-plus years it takes to land a good, stable job you can end up in a lot of debt. With Obamacare, those doctors who have worked hard to earn the money they do will be taking on a lot more patients for less compensation. If you’re going to be paid less than the amount it took you to prepare to get the job, why would you do it?

Many might think that Obamacare will give everyone the opportunity to have good health coverage. They are wrong. Wrong because only those with full-time jobs are eligible for such benefits. Wrong because most employers now are only creating part-time jobs to avoid the costs. Wrong because they put too much faith in our corrupted government.

Caitlyn Parker

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