Paint Fight celebrates striving to live a better life


Over 2,000 people flocked to Uprising’s paint fight event Saturday, Jan. 18, to fight for a better life. Attendees dressed in white were handed squirt guns filled with neon paint and encouraged to battle it out in a Cirque Du Soleil-style dance party.

For five years The Uprising, a large-scale dance party featuring extreme sports athletes, performers and a massive paint fight, has been hosting events that promote living an empowered life. Dan Swiss, the founder of Uprising, created an event that relies solely on attendees and that encourages people to be in control of their life.

“I want people to look at what they are doing and what their goals are,” Swiss said. “It is a celebration of people to live life on their own terms.”

The event was put on by the people who attended the party. The DJs, dancers, drummer and crowd are what made the event possible. Rock drummer Jordan Lindquist has performed with Uprising events for three years. Lindquist explained that attending the fight is a unique experience.

“The Paint Fight is a concept party,” Lindquist said. “There are a million dance parties to attend every year, but this is different because it has meaning behind it. Uprising pushes people to be their best selves; not many other dance parties have a concept at all.”

The event is nonalcoholic because the Paint Fight is a battle to overcome addictions, illness and poor decisions.

“Working with local charities allows us to raise awareness in the area and lets people know that we care about the community and the participants,” Swiss said. “We have found the higher the contribution of the community, the better the response.”

Everyone that exists is in some kind of battle. Uprising’s paint fight is a symbolic celebration for anyone who has been defeated or beaten down, encouraging people to rise up and become who they want to be.

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