Deseret News available for BYU students


Free copies of the Deseret News National Edition will be available for BYU students for free throughout this winter semester.

Free copies are available in approximately 30 racks around campus.
Free copies of the Deseret News are available in approximately 30 racks around campus.

According to Meagen Johnson, the senior marketing manager of the Deseret News, they started shipping 10,000 copies that are divided in about 30 racks around campus per week. The supply will adjust according to demand. The program was launched Jan. 11 and will continue until April 18, when the newspaper will review and consider extending the program through future semesters.

Johnson sent an email saying that Deseret News seeks to bring information, analysis and commentary about how contemporary events affect faith, family, care for the poor, education, culture and financial responsibility, with an eye toward real-world solutions. The Deseret News National Edition is not a comprehensive source for news. Instead it focuses exclusively on these six areas of emphasis and gathers the best information into its weekly national edition.

BYU administrators encourage students to take advantage of the free copies to become more aware of topics that are relevant to them and to their community.

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