Autumn Defense to play Velour with Desert Noises

The Autumn Defense includes Wilco members John Stirratt and Pat Sansone (Photo by Chloe Aftel).
The Autumn Defense includes Wilco members John Stirratt and Pat Sansone. (Photo by Chloe Aftel)

The Autumn Defense, an internationally touring band, will play at Velour Live Music Gallery with Desert Noises — a band that originated in Provo and now tours nationally — on Thursday, Jan. 23.

The Autumn Defense includes members of the band Wilco, an indie rock band well known for songs like “Jesus, etc.” and “I’ll Fight.” Two of the members, John Stirratt and Pat Sansone, manage their allegiance to both bands by recording music for Autumn Defense between tours for Wilco.

Sansone said it is not easy and they’re always busy, but they choose to make it work because creating music with his friends is a joy.

“To be able to make a beautiful something out of a blank canvas with your friends is a very satisfying thing,” Sansone said.

Corey Fox, owner of Velour, said both bands draw from 70’s music influences, but The Autumn Defense draws more from 70’s soft rock than anything else.

“If you like melodic, groovy, sensitive, harmony-filled, chilled-out rock with a slight soft psychedelia thrown in at times then you’re going to love the show,” Sansone said.

This is the second time The Autumn Defense will grace Velour’s stage.

“Velour has had nearly 2,000 shows since we opened eight years ago, and The Autumn Defense show in February 2007 is still probably my favorite Velour show of all time,” Fox said. “Partly because I was and am a big fan, and part of it was their incredible performance.”

Desert Noises, a folk-rock band, will play Thursday as well. Desert Noises got their start in Provo playing open mic nights and shows at Velour. They now spend time a majority of their time touring in California, Washington, Oregon and other Western states.

“I’ve seen that there is a lot of good in the world and, as silly as it sounds, that we are all the same. It’s very simple,” said Brennan Allen, the band’s drummer. “If you are willing to step outside of your skin and say ‘Hey’ to a stranger, you might just end up having the best night of your life.”

The show is at Velour at 8 p.m. on Thursday. Tickets can be purchased at

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