Thrifty fashion brought to you by trendy blogs

Madison Glock, left and Lauren Nielsen, right, write the blog "Awkward Girls" that showcases the authors' personal styles on a budget. (Photo courtesy of Awkward Girls.)
Madison Glock, left and Lauren Nielsen, right, write the blog “Awkward Girls” that showcases the authors’ personal styles on a budget. (Photo courtesy of Awkward Girls.)

Fashion blogs seem to be popping up everywhere. This new trend in the cyber world has brought trendy fashion to people everyone.

And though the people behind fashion blogs aren’t always readily known, two popular fashion blogs have roots right here in Provo.

The popular blogs “Awkward Girls” and “Rachel Sayumi” were designed for showcasing fashion sense in an inexpensive, modest way.

Lauren Nielsen, a BYU family studies major, and Madison Glock, a BYU psychology graduate, created “Awkward Girls” while in Provo.

“We’ve always loved clothes and fashion, but one particular summer, we were really bored,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen describied their place for channeling their passion for fashion.

“Starting a blog was a great way to not only fill the time but channel our obsession with shopping into something creative and productive that we could share with others,” Nielsen said.

The “Rachel Sayumi” blog was created for a similar reason.

“I started my blog out of sheer boredom three summers ago,” said Rachel Porter, a BYU family life graduate. “A former roommate had introduced me to fashion blogs, and I was hooked.”

The three blog creators never expected anything to develop from their blogs, but both have gained sponsors and landed other opportunities because of their fashion sense.

There are similar ties between the two blogs and their choices for publication.

“I feel that a lot of bloggers these days wear very similar items and similar brands,” Porter said. “So I feel that I stand out because I mix and match affordable brands. I want to be relatable to my readers, and be able to connect with them more.”

Nielsen and Glock had a different angle on the same concept.

“There are so many beautiful fashion bloggers out there with beautiful, Pinterest-worthy lives,” Nielsen said. “I think we had to reach a point where we realized no matter how hard we tried, that would never be us. Our blog lets people know that it’s okay to be yourself. Even if yourself is a little awkward sometimes.”

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