LeGrand Richards’ book explores BYU’s first president

Karl G. Maeser (Photo courtesty of Wikimedia Commons)
Karl G. Maeser (Photo courtesty of Wikimedia Commons)

LeGrand Richards knows what it means to persevere, as he has researched Karl G. Maeser’s life for more than nine years.

His book, “Called To Teach: The Legacy of Karl G. Maeser” will be available this March.

Richards, on defending the amount of time it has taken him, said, “It is such a rich story that it deserves as much attention as I can give it.”

LeGrand Richards was not the only one to be touched by Maeser’s life, his entire family was as well.

“Karl believed that education was important and that it could go along with religion,” said Linda Richards Lewis, LeGrand’s daughter. “The fact that we are getting this amazing education is due to Karl.”

Richards expects that his book will help BYU students understand who Maeser really was and how much he has contributed to this campus.

“He did everything for them, he saw them,” said Cindy Richards, LeGrand’s wife. “Provo, wouldn’t be Provo, and BYU wouldn’t be BYU, without Karl Maeser.”  “The Lord used him to show the people what your here to really learn, and that is that you have a work to do.”


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