Wasting Dining Dollars


Last week I bought over $250 of miscellaneous, unneeded items from the Creamery in an attempt to spend my unused Dining Dollars. It was heartbreaking. All of my hard-earned cash was being wasted before my eyes.

This is a major problem for many freshmen, and it is irritating that there is no current solution better than frivolous spending. The majority of BYU freshmen are saving funds for their missions, and it is sad to see their money going toward T-shirts at Jamba Juice instead of a higher purpose. There has got to be a better answer.

For starters, the problem could be alleviated if students were simply refunded their extra cash. However, I’ve heard that BYU is required to take the money so that meal plan users don’t have to pay sales tax. Personally, I would pay sales tax any day if it meant I’d get my extra cash back. Another solution would be stocking the Creamery with a wider variety of merchandise. I’m positive that students would love it if the Creamery sold gas or Visa cards, or at least gift cards to the BYU Bookstore.

We are at the Lord’s university, and the prophets have told us that we must be wise with our money. From my view, the present options for extra meal plan spending don’t allow for that.

Aspen Hassell
Bend, Ore.

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