BYU dating as told by Disney’s ‘Frozen’


With the cold weather and snow, you may think Elsa is hanging out on Y Mountain in a winter that will last for time and all eternity.

It’s not just the weather that Provo and Arendelle have in common. It seems that dating practices in Arendelle may also mirror those at BYU. So to thaw your frozen heart with some love, here’s a BYU love story, told by the characters of Disney’s “Frozen.”

When you first get to BYU you think dating will be a breeze.

When you finally meet someone you’re interested in, you accidentally embarrass yourself. 

But everything all works out. You start spending all your time together and find out you have a lot in common. 



You decide they’re the one and BAM you’re engaged.


Your family is either really excited, or they think you’re moving way too fast. 

Even your friends think you’ve moved a little too fast.

But you don’t care and carry on as you were. 

Then finals come and things cool down because you don’t have any time for each other. 

You both go home for Christmas break and don’t see each other for two weeks.



When you get back you think everything will be normal, but your significant other breaks your heart, leaving you feeling sad and betrayed. 

You feel sad for a little while…

…then angry, which makes you want to do this:

Or this:

But you get over it and become a better person for it. 



Eventually you find someone else…


…and everything is right in the world.

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