Weekly 5: Five ways to survive the winter blues


It’s January, which means students now have to get through winter semester without Christmas activities and cheer to distract them from the cold, dreary weather. Utah has seen a fair amount of inversion that could be here for a while, blanketing the valley in a thick, gloomy fog.

Students who have survived a few winters in Provo know that there are long stretches when it seems like the sun actually won’t come out tomorrow. Luckily for students, there are (at least) five things to do to avoid those winter blues.

1. Midway Ice Castles

Everyone’s new favorite holiday blockbuster is coming to life in Midway. Get “frozen” by heading up the canyon to view the spectacular creation that is back after a few years away. The construction of the Midway Ice Castles began in November for a January opening and will be open until March. This year’s castles have more tunnels, more color changing lights and different designs than in the past.

2. Frolic in the snow

January and February make for a perfect time to head up to Midway, Heber or Park City to escape the inversion and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding or other snowy activities. Jolley’s Ranch in Springville offers daily rentals of tubes, snowshoes and cross country skiis. Soldier Hollow in Midway has cross country skiing and tubing, and is home to the longest tubing lanes in Utah. Most ski resorts have discounts for half day or night skiing. Finding a fun way to exercise in the winter can keep one healthy and happy.

3. Sundance Film Festival

The festival returns to Park City for 10 days this month on Jan. 16–26. Whether one goes to stalk celebrities or grab tickets to a show, the Sundance Film Festival will make one forget about living in Utah. Park City has shopping and dining options that make it a fun getaway. Also, catch live music at the Sundance Cafe or enjoy other activities on Main Street.

4. Movie/TV marathons

Winter is a perfect time to catch up on shows that everyone is talking about, or relax with old favorites. Students can stay warm inside enjoying a “The Walking Dead” or “Friday Night Lights” marathon. All one needs is a Netflix or Hulu subscription. Don’t want to spend money? Check out old movies from the BYU or Provo libraries. With all those shows to watch, four months will have passed and spring will be here.

5. Work on resolutions

It’s cliche, but setting New Year’s resolutions can help keep students stay motivated through the winter. Instead of setting the same resolutions every year, think of smaller monthly goals that are actually achievable. This will keep students busy, and as milestones are reached, moods will improve and motivation will stick around longer than just the month of January.

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