Re: Inexcusably terrible drinking fountains


Before Christmas a letter ran written by someone who hates the new water fountains in the HBLL. However, I love the new water fountains, especially since I carry a reusable water bottle around like many planet-conscious students. Also, I don’t have to find a fountain every time I want water.

Reusing a water bottle is far better than tossing a bottle simply because you can’t fill it up from the measly dribble of a fountain. The new fountains in the library and Wilk are like the ones in the SLC airport and are great because they use motion sensors to fill your bottle, jar or anything else that requires water to be dispensed from above rather than from a shallow or erratic arcs like the JFSB fountains.

Maybe Mr. Joey should invest in a reusable bottle rather than using the disgusting spout of the fountain he so dislikes.

Annie Xie Bennion
Cincinnati, Ohio

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