Divide class by marital status


Every male at BYU is a witness to the collateral damage of the missionary age-change announcement over a year ago. While we rejoice in the gathering of Israel, the populating of Israel has taken a detrimental blow. Of course, none of us would suggest a revision of divine inspiration; that would be blasphemous. However, action must be taken to ensure that the LDS society continues to stand firm upon its foundation — the family.

As a means of dealing with this pressing issue, I offer an effective solution — class sections divided by marital status. By designating some class sections for married students and others for single students, BYU will empower its students to more easily obey the counsel of our church leaders and keep the commandments of God.

Think of a social dance class in which you are the only single student — not fun. Also, while “ring checking” has been the conventional method of the past, it is no longer sufficient. Awkward and often unreliable, this trend can leave women feeling more like an item than a precious gem. Equally awkward are the far-too-common experiences many married girls face by flirtatious single men.

By giving these girls the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment, BYU will not only improve the quality of its education but also the fidelity of its married students.

I get rejected enough as it is. I don’t need to add married students to that list.

Austin Cooper
Orange County, Calif.

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