Socializing in the HBLL


The library is not the place to have a prolonged conversation. There are constant reminders on the tables reminding everyone that outside of the “No Shhh Zone,” this is a quiet study area. Why is this concept so difficult to grasp? I assume if you are in the library you know how to read, so being able to read the signs saying the library is a quite study zone shouldn’t be difficult.

The challenge comes when people turn studying into a social experience or a chance to catch up or meet new people. Often loud chatting, stifled laughter, audible kissing and strange noises all frequent the library.

We all have been in this position. The question is, how can this be remedied?

Dear Harold has already expanded his leniency with where you can talk freely and even where you can eat. The issue isn’t having sufficient space; the issue is people being considerate of others.

The remedy for this could be an allotment of more group study space in places other than the library. The campus can expand the ability to schedule classrooms for group study online. Also, an extreme measure would be to replace the group tables with more individual seating that is fixed to the floor to prevent students from congregating.

Brady Tucker
Carlsbad, Calif.

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