Improving the sixth man


Did you know BYU has the fourth largest collegiate basketball arena in the nation? Yep.

Our student section — recently dubbed the ROC — in the Marriott Center can and should contribute more to home court advantage for basketball. The ROC needs to become a better “sixth man.”

Two things we could improve upon as students are (one) wearing the same color and (two) cheering louder.

Color, you ask? Yes, color. Wear the color we are asked to wear. Please don’t try to stand out. It’s not about you, banana man; it’s about being unified to help get the win. Unity in appearance increases the power of the sixth man. The color is usually white, but be sure to check your email for a heads up.

We were really loud at the Iowa State game. Let’s bring it like that every game.

Jimmer-mania: Those were the days — deafening cheers, three-pointer after three-pointer. Do you remember the power, volume and electricity of the student section that season? Especially at the San Diego State game? It was incredible. It can be that way again. Great players will come and go, but it will always be BYU basketball, and it deserves our greatest support.

So here is my call to action, students. Conference play is coming fast; join the team and be the sixth man. Wear the right color, be loud, and we’ll help the Cougars win our first WCC championship!

Kevin Godfrey
Fresno, Calif.

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