New apps for Old St. Nick


New apps for smartphones take the Santa Claus tradition to a whole new level.

Today parents can download apps on their smartphones that are specifically designed around Santa Clause. The apps use technology to encourage children to behave and believe.

Santa’s naughty or nice list has gone digital with a smartphone app. Courtesy iStock photo

Parents can use apps like the “Santa’s naughty or nice list,” which scans fingerprints and says if they are on Santa’s naughty or nice list.

Parents can control the outcome secretly so if a child has been throwing a tantrum, they can put them on the naughty list. If a child practices good behavior, they can switch the child to the nice list.

Similarly, “Santa’s stats” allows parents and kids to track their naughty and nice behavior. The app allows parents to predetermine the points needed to earn items on the child’s Christmas wish list. Then the child can slowly earn award points for good behavior to determine what gifts they get.

The “Santa spy” app can be used to help convince kids that Santa has visited their house.

To use the app, the adult would take a video recording of their living room and the app would add in Santa Claus so it looks like he was in the house the night before.

Stephanie Rosenhan, a senior studying human development, said she doesn’t think she would use the apps but wants to continue the Santa tradition for her kids because it adds magic to the holiday.

“I’m going to do (the Santa tradition),” Rosenhan said. “I think it is so fun. … I love doing cute little surprises.”

While some people have mixed feelings about continuing the tradition of the Santa, BYU student Tate Lohrke wants to continue the tradition despite her jarring experience as a child.

She said her parents decided it was best to talk to her when she reached the fifth grade still believing. Blank recalled her dad sitting her down and telling her the entire story of Santa Claus, to which she said, “At least the Easter Bunny is real.”

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