BYUSA Freeze Fest helps students have fun and de-stress before finals


Ice skating, hot chocolate and holiday photos await students at the BYUSA Freeze Fest at the Peaks Ice Arena on Dec. 6, starting at 8 p.m. and lasting until midnight.

Edison Thalman, a BYU freshman from Surprise, Ariz., majoring in exercise science, and an event lead for Freeze Fest, said this chance to get out of the house is meant to help students relax before finals week as well as feel included in the BYU community.

“The purpose of the event is to create a social, fun and uplifting atmosphere where students can socialize with friends or bring a date to de-stress before all of the chaos that comes with finals and the end of the semester,” said Thalman. “But most of all, we want students in all walks of life to feel included and cared about at BYU by making sure everyone is involved and able to attend this awesome party.”

BYUSA poster for the Freeze Fest (Courtesy BYUSA).
BYUSA poster for the Freeze Fest. (Courtesy BYUSA)

Freeze Fest originated in 2003 and has been a campus favorite ever since, according to Thalman. This year the event will combine classic Freeze Fest elements along with brand-new twists.

“Ice skating and broom hockey are classic activities you can’t do many places outside of the Peaks Ice Arena; however, it is a bit different from others in the past due to the fact that we will be utilizing the indoor soccer fields to play ‘King of the Hill’ with the recently acquired BYUSA Zorb balls,” Thalman said. “The Zorb balls were very popular in the summer when they were showcased at the BYUSA Zorb soccer event. This will be a memorable experience that many have never had the chance to experience!”

Brandon Ostler, a BYU junior from Preston, Idaho, majoring in media arts, used this opportunity to ice skate and meet new people.

“I enjoyed the plethora of activities to choose from,” Ostler said. “If I was bored skating in circles and had no hands to hold, I could up and go find me a lady on the dance floor and pay her into holding my hand so I could instagram it to my mother and bishop.”

According to the BYUSA events page, rides will be available in the Wilkinson Center to carpool to the Peaks Ice Arena, which is located at 100 N. 7 Peaks Boulevard in Provo. Tickets cost $4 per person and can be purchased here.

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