Time: Inexhaustible yet exhausted


As a college student, the concept of time by definition is inexhaustible yet constantly seems to be exhausted.

BYU students need more time: time to learn, time to study and time away. A solution may involve beginning the semester earlier so we can enjoy longer breaks or more frequent breaks.

A plethora of reasons require a revision of the arrangement of days studying and holidays, but consider this information:

Students at BYU delve into their studies for 85 consecutive days from the first day of school until Thanksgiving break, which begins the day before Thanksgiving. These 85 days, or 2,040 hours, are devoted to lecture time, office hours, TA reviews, homework, projects, studying, eating, sleeping, working, worshipping and the occasional FHE activity.

The workload is inexhaustible, and the students are exhausted.

Upon return from a turkey feast, family gatherings and more studying, students then devote 19 droning days to the expansion of their minds with knowledge until final exams are over. They can celebrate Christmas and the end of the semester however they please but are unable to adequately rejuvenate with only 2 weeks of break.

The students of BYU need additional time to recuperate, recognize and refocus. We need to make time for break time in order to enrich our study time.

Elysa Stone
Katy, Texas

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