The male fashion situation


I recently read an article describing the male fashion at BYU with a lot of dramatic words like “crisis” and “epidemic,” claiming guys at BYU don’t dress well. While this has some validity, I mostly disagree. Guys at BYU dress exceptionally well and, increasingly, better than their female counterparts.


Regardless of their clothes, BYU guys have an advantage: they’re in shape, with few exceptions. The best thing you can do for bad clothes is have a good body. The best thing you can do for a good body is dress it well.

When is the last time you heard the word “metrosexual” used? I’ve been hearing it less. I think that’s because “metro” is the new normal. Normal guys care now.

While the true definition of “hipster” remains a mystery, whatever it is has everything to do with clothes. Every hipster guy on campus puts a lot of thought into the day’s outfit. Whether or not you like hipster fashion is irrelevant; fashion isn’t fashion only when you like it.

There is a double-standard in the Church for modesty. While girls are highly scrutinized, guys are completely unmonitored. The only time I heard my Church leaders talk to guys about modesty was when they were talking to us about girls. Subsequently, guys have more options. We can wear whatever we find. Girls have to be choosy when shopping.

Think of some of the current male fashion trends: desert boots, slim-fitting cargos, perpetually buttoned top buttons, etc. The fact that these trends even exist is evidence that guys not only care about appearance but that they’re paying attention to what other guys are wearing and shopping accordingly.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t some wretchedly dressed guys walking around, but they’ve always been there and always will be. Good thing, too. The rest of us depend on them for contrast.

David Jeter
Groves, Texas

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