Scott Cameron’s view of Law School’s future


Recent declines in applications for the BYU law school have some worried about the future of law, but not Scott Cameron. He believes current changes in the law school and law profession won’t be permanent.

“I think it’s a very temporary change,” Cameron said. “We’ve admitted just a few less students than usual. … Over time, I think this will even out without much significant change for BYU Law.”

A recent study done by Kaplan Test Prep showed more than half of the country’s law schools have cut their class sizes for 2013–2014, including BYU. This is a new trend for law schools, which have found that when the economy bottoms out, they often see more applications. These applicants have struggled to find lucrative employment, and they think they need an advanced degree to be successful, so they apply to law school. These law school graduates are now still struggling to find lucrative employment, and this seems to be swaying some from applying to law school now.

“Sure, it will be harder to get a job in a down market, but the skills you acquire in law school are really valuable skills that will benefit you in more ways than just your occupation,” Cameron said. “Even despite recent changes, I would still say that it is an excellent profession because it will give you skills you couldn’t get any other way that will help you in any walk of life.”

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