Caffeine on campus now provided by students

Customers can either pay in cash or via smart-phone apps. Photo courtesy of Caffeine on Campus.
Customers can either pay in cash or via smart-phone apps. Photo courtesy of Caffeine on Campus.

What started as a simple class project this semester for a business management class has turned into something bigger — Caffeine on Campus launched Nov. 18, and offers Brigham Young University students caffeinated beverages, hand-delivered anywhere on campus.

The group of students responds to many students’ unmet demand for caffeine with the launch of this new service at BYU. The service is not affiliated with the university.

Ned Thomas, a senior studying applied mathematics, is part of the nine-person team responsible for this entrepreneurial ingenuity.

“We saw that there was a huge demand and absolutely no market,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the idea stemmed from the many times he and his friends desired a particular drink on campus that was unavailable to them.

“We’re providing a service that students do want, that up until now they weren’t given an opportunity to have,” Thomas said. “I know personally there have been days where I’ve been studying in the library and really wanted some caffeine or something to drink and had to walk all the way down to the Sinclair on the south side of campus.”

He said responses from students have been overwhelmingly positive thus far. Since the launch of the website,, traffic has been busy and constant.

“We just created the site two weeks ago, and last week it had 3,000 hits,” Thomas said with enthusiasm.

Thomas said the idea for this website and service has been a long time coming.

“This is something that me and one of my good friends have talked about for … two years,” Thomas said.

Caffeine on Campus has not yet heard from BYU, but right now Thomas isn’t too worried about it.

“Two weeks ago I ordered Domino’s, and … had I wanted to, I could have gotten a two-liter of Coke with my pizza, and they would have delivered that right to my classroom right along with my pizza,” Thomas said. “I don’t think that what we’re doing is any different than that. We’re just specializing in one specific thing.”

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