Don’t (leave your tire) tread on me


At the intersection where Campus Drive and E. 1200 North meet, there is a normal crosswalk and a perfectly functional stoplight that controls traffic from both directions. To the untrained eye it appears to be a normal intersection, but this is not true. A more accurate name for the area would be “Your Final Destination.”

The cars that pass through this crosswalk don’t seem to obey the normal laws of physics or the United States of America. Though the signal remains solidly on the walking white man, at least three cars will inevitably whizz past harried pedestrians. Rubber is burned, tires squeal, and many times I have witnessed an unsuspecting student nearly steamrolled by an illegally oncoming vehicle.

Short of a Wild West-style showdown, the only way pedestrians will find longevity and retain, for the most part, all of our extremities, is to contact the administration and to exercise more caution in crossing this intersection. In all seriousness, I personally have witnessed at least seven pedestrians almost flattened into pancakes while they still had the right of way. If I’m going to die at college, it had better be something spectacularly memorable.

Samantha Dedek
Sheboygan, Wis.
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