Plans announced for Provo MTC expansion (updated)


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Nov. 14 its plans to expand the Provo Missionary Training Center southward of the current location.

According to Cody Craynor, spokesman for the LDS Church, the MTC will expand to the current locations of the Auxiliary Services Laundry Building and the Auxiliary Services Maintenance Building.

The Provo Missionary Training Center will soon be expanded south of the current campus to University Parkway. The Auxiliary Services Maintenance and Auxiliary Services Laundry Buildings will be relocated across 900 East near Wymount Terrace. (Illustration by Warren Bingham)

“Design of the expansion is ongoing, and further details will be provided in neighborhood meetings and in announcements in the coming months,” Craynor said.

The current buildings will be in full service up until they are relocated.

“BYU and the MTC depends on the laundry services,” BYU spokeswoman Carrie Jenkins said.

Quad 7 of Wymount Terrace will be the new home of the two affected buildings.

According to a statement issued by BYU, although the quad will be removed to accommodate the two buildings, residents will be able to stay in their apartments throughout the fall and winter semesters.

This announcement comes on the heels of several neighborhood meetings in which neighbors of the MTC came together to discuss its expansion. The original proposal of a new tower was rejected by the nearby residents, and the option to expand the MTC to the south was proposed in late March among other plans.

Bill Williams, architect for the expansion project, said at one of these meetings that the south expansion plan would keep the MTC campus united, a central feature missing in other plans.

“This creates the opportunity to create that enclave (of learning and teaching), if you will,” Williams said.

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