R.L. Stine to revive beloved childhood series


R.L. Stine announced Oct. 24 that he will be reviving his popular teen book series, “Fear Street,” with a new spin-off series due to popular demand from readers.

“Thank you all for your wonderful reaction to the return of ‘Fear Street,'” Stine said via his official Twitter page. “I’m halfway through the first one — ‘Party Games.'”

The original “Fear Street” books debuted in 1989 and have been revived one other time since Stine officially ended the series in 1999. Over 80 million copies of the series have been sold in that time. Stine is also known for the best-selling “Goosebumps” series.

BYU students are excited to have a new addition to one of their favorite childhood memories.

“I haven’t read (the books) in a while, but the world changes and so does what scares us,” said Scott McClellan, an international business major from Midlothian, Va. “I love being scared, so bring it on! I would totally read them.”

“Party Games” is set for release in October 2014 from Thomas Dunne Books.

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