Provo City Mayor John Curtis wins re-election

Graphic by Colin Holmes

Mayor John Curtis won re-election with 86 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s Provo City mayoral election while opposing candidate Jason Christensen secured 846 votes.

Curtis said in last Wednesday’s debate that some of his goals for the future of Provo include revitalizing the downtown area and meeting fiscal goals to complete repairs on city infrastructure. His recent re-election will provide him four more years to see some of these come to fruition.

“I love to look into the future of Provo,” Curtis said during the debate. “What I see, in its most basic form, is a place where my kids will want to raise their families in neighborhoods that are safe, that are neighborly, where the schools are strong and vibrant, where we have good recreational opportunities (and) we have a responsible government that functions and delivers value to its residents.”

Curtis said he plans to deliver this value by addressing the current predatory towing issue affecting Provo citizens and BYU students specifically.

Graphic by Colin Holmes

Although the mayor seems to have won re-election by overwhelming numbers, the decision was made by only 15 percent of the voting population. There are over 42,000 registered voters in Provo, but only a little over 6,000 made it to the polls on Tuesday. That’s roughly the equivalent of BYU’s Life Sciences department deciding on who gets to run the city.


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